Monthly Exclusive - Lucy Farrell - Bird Song

Hello, We hope you’ve been enjoying some of the new singles we’ve released this month from Jenny Sturgeon & Boo Hewerdine, Jason Singh & The Banwasi Collective and of course the new album from Liz Hanks.

We’re very happy to share some demos as this month's exclusive from the wonderful Lucy Farrell. If you haven’t checked out her new album ‘We are Only Sound’ go and have a listen. Hope you enjoy these!

This collection of demos were recorded across a number of creative studio sessions over the last few years, from the first ever Hudson gathering to a session with a collection of amazing musicians and friends in Wales. It was at these sessions that I started to explore my own song writing, some of these songs or ideas ended up on my new album ‘We are only Sound’ and some have yet to find homes. This was the first time I had shared original songs and, although slightly terrifying, it helped lead me to the release of my first solo record. I hope you enjoy these first workings and maybe you’ll hear them re-appear in some future project. Thanks to all the incredible musicians who helped and contributed to these sessions.

Bird Song


Awake Awake


Ushers Well


Lucy Farrell June Exclusive2023

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