Monthly Exclusive - Sean Cooney - My Songwriting Journey

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We hope you’ve had a good month. We’ve got the brilliant Sean Cooney from folk super trio The Young’uns bringing us this month’s club exclusive. Sean has created a podcast talking about his Songwriting journey and we hope you enjoy it as much as we have.

From the streets of Athens, to a shed in Hartlepool, Sean talks about what led him to write songs and shares some tips and techniques.

“Sean Cooney is gifted. Deep in his DNA is a writer. His willingness to share, alongside to listen, is central to his work. Above all is a strong belief in others, their lives and stories. If we are defined by what we do, once that identity is denied us, we lose definition, we become out of focus and marginal. Much of Sean’s work focuses attention on lives, work and culture otherwise under-regarded. It is a noble ambition and rightly considered by its listeners to be a voice of the people. But it is not enough for him. He wants to find more, challenge his craft, deepen and widen his trawl to become a writer, redefining himself a page at a time. His forthright passion is palpable” John Tams

Check out ‘My Songwriting Journey’ on the club portal or download the audio on Bandcamp and add it to your collection.

Another new addition to the club this week is the Hudson Listening Club with M G Boulter. We’ve made our Listening Club episodes, recorded during lockdown, into handy podcasts for you to enjoy when you’re out and about. If you haven’t come across M G before we highly recommend exploring his music and you can catch him on tour with fellow Hudson artist Lucy Farrell this autumn.

Andy x

Sean Cooney

My Songwriting Journey

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Sean Cooney Monthly Exclusive

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