Monthly Exclusive - Beth Porter: The Trouble We Make

Hello! Hope you are all having a fabulous bank holiday weekend. Here’s some new music for you to enjoy! The exclusive this month comes from Beth Porter, an incredible artist who features on one of Hudson’s latest releases ‘Gifts of Light’ by the Spell Songs. There’s four tracks for you to enjoy here on Bandcamp and if you’d like to take a look at the bonus track video, head over to the club portal.

"All the songs on the EP were written during or inspired by the lockdown period. My home in Wigtown is also home to hundreds of geese for a few months before they continue their migration north. Safe Home and Batten Down are inspired by those birds. Wilderness started with the sadness of the swallow leaving at the end of the summer but turned into much more of a Climate despair song. Too Much Time imagines one being completely alone with no demands but feeling like that much time might be dangerous for the mind!
I took the songs to Nicholas (Niko) O'Brien and Hannah (Jakes) Jacobs and they brought their creativity and production to turn them into this more synth-indie-folk-pop vibe!

Salty Water is a song I wrote a while ago about a murder that happened near a place that I used to live. I sent a new version of the song to Niko and Jakes and they remixed it and made it into a electro-dance track. I then sent this to Marry Waterson who made this amazing video for it.”



Too Much Time

Safe Home

Batten Down

Bonus Video: Salty Water Remix

Beth Porterpackshot3

Portal download/stream →
Bandcamp download/stream →
Portal Bonus Video →

Don’t forget you can stream and download all our new releases as part of your club subscription so look out for Ben Nicholls new release ‘Duets’ coming out this Friday!

Andy x

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