Monthly Exclusive - Bright Phoebus Sings Tom Waits

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We’ve got a really special exclusive for you to celebrate the 3rd Birthday of The Hudson Club! We want to take this opportunity to thank all our subscribers for supporting the club. We really couldn’t do it without you and hope that you are enjoying all the music we’ve been able to help create and make available over the last 3 years.

It really has been an amazing journey and this is just the beginning! Thanks to you, we've funded & facilitated our artists to create 36 exclusives, so far, which are all available to you! This in itself feels like an amazing achievement and we are so proud of the breadth of work our artists (and friends of Hudson Records) have produced. We've developed our unique club portal, enabling streaming & downloads to run alongside our Bandcamp subscription, we've released countless records and we've celebrated artists and their work together with you, our Hudson club community.

We hope you are enjoying being a subscriber, we’ve got an amazing collection of musicians for you this month and thanks to all the artists who agreed to us sharing this special bootleg recording. We normally pay artists for these Hudson Club Exclusives, but as there are so many people involved we decided it’d be more appropriate to donate the cash to a local Sheffield weekend music school. Keep your ear out for a few more tracks from this bootleg later in the year.

BRIGHT PHOEBUS SINGS TOM WAITS - Bootleg Part 1 (Live at Shrewsbury Folk Festival 2013)

1 - Rain Dogs (Jon Boden)

2 - In The Neighbourhood (Roy Bailey)

3 - Hold On (Rowan Rheingans)

4 - Little Trip to Heaven (On the Wings of Your Love) (Nancy Kerr & Jess Arrowsmith)

5 - Briar & The Rose (Fay Hield)

6 - Day After Tomorrow (Martin Simpson)

7 - Old Shoes (and Picture Postcards) (Sharron Kraus)

8 - Town With No Cheer (James Fagan)

9 - Cold Cold Ground (Neil McSweeney)

10 - Come On Up To The House (Bright Phoebus)

Featuring:Jess Arrowsmith, Roy Bailey, Jon Boden, Andy Cutting, James Fagan, Fay Hield, Rob Harbron, Nancy Kerr, Sharron Kraus, Neil Mcsweeney, Rowan Rheingans, Andy Seward, Martin Simpson, Sam Sweeney

Whilst quiet for a while, Bright Phoebus are a group of friends and musicians based in Sheffield, headed up by Kit Bailey, Martin Simpson, Jon Boden & Fay Hield. The first concerts were held at the legendary Boardwalk and later moved to the Backroom of the Greystones, Bright Phoebus evenings were legendary for having one of the best house folk bands you could hope for. Back in 2013 we decided to do a show of Tom Waits covers, which led to an invite to headline the afternoon concert at Shrewsbury Folk Festival. The show was produced by me (Andy Bell) and Jon Boden jumped in as Musical Director (he could barely contain his excitement to be honest, being one of Waits’ biggest fans). This is just a stereo recording from my live desk mix, so it’s a warts and all bootleg of the afternoon.

BPSTW Packshot Part1

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Don’t forget we’ve got a new release coming your way this week with Malin’s debut album ‘Halocline’. Hope you enjoy it!

Andy x

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