Monthly Exclusive - Ewan MacPherson - The Silent Senses


It’s the end of another month which means it’s time to share with you all some exclusive music. This month we are very excited to bring you 4 tracks and a video from the brilliantly talented Ewan MacPherson. Ewan is part of the fabulous group Salt House who are signed to Hudson Records as well as performing with Scottish super group Shooglenifty and many other musicians. Keep your eyes peeled for the first single from Ewan’s brand new project ‘Hushman’ out on Hudson records this May!

Stories of seasons in thought, travelling whilst asleep, sadness for a lost time and flickering shadows of belief all reside in the Silent Senses. 

These quiet things are all waiting there if you just stop for a minute and stretch out your thoughts beyond the everyday noise and greed, beyond the top layer of this deep world that has lost touch with itself and it's connections to nature, that has forgotten about things that grow, wild-lives and wild weather. If you are feeling powerless and overwhelmed you could try listening to the older voices, I should try to hear more of them too. 

Check out these exclusive tracks and video plus more info on the individual tracks on the club portal or download the audio on Bandcamp and add it to your collection.

Thanks to Ewan for creating such a special exclusive with so much content for us this month. We can’t believe it but The Hudson Club is almost a year old which means thanks to your support we have been able to commission 12 exclusives from our artists. We hope you’ve enjoyed them as much as we have! More news on our birthday celebrations coming soon!

Andy x

Ewan MacPherson

The Silent Senses



I’m Returning Yet

Hare on the Road

Audio - Silent Senses →
Video →
EWAN MACPHERSON Monthly Exclusive

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