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A big 2023 welcome to Hudson Club. We kick off this year with the second of our exclusives from the wonderfully talented Rob Harbron. Rob has composed and recorded a set of beautiful January tunes for us. We hope you enjoy them!

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Rob Harbron
January Tunes

A Minute More Each Day

Even at the start of January, we get a minute more daylight each day. By the end of the month it’s nearly three minutes.


Ironically Earth’s point of closest approach to the sun is on January 6th, in the depths of northern hemisphere winter.


Ice crystals forming in the upper atmosphere can create refractions of the sun which make it appear that there are extra suns or Sun Dogs. It can happen at any time of year but I’ve only ever seen it in times of low winter sunlight.

As the days begin to lengthen…

…the cold begins to strengthen, as the proverb goes. The coldest spells of our winters often occur after the days have begun to lengthen.


Thanks to Google Translate, this is my cod-latin attempt to coin a phrase for the day in early January when we finally get daylight for a whole third of each 24-hour period. The equinox seems a long way off at this point.

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As always, music is available to stream on our portal or download on Bandcamp. Please do drop us a message on the club portal, our artists can see your comments and it’s always lovely to get feedback.

We’ve got a few exclusives already lined up for the coming months but if you have someone or something you’d particularly like to hear then let us know and we’ll see what we can do!

Andy x

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