We are getting in touch as we are still having ongoing problems with Hudson Club renewals being cancelled by Bandcamp. We have had huge numbers of failed renewals due to a tech problem at Bandcamp and this has seriously impacted club numbers. We are doing our best to resolve this but as a company Bandcamp make it tough to get much customer support. We are now pushing a harder approach and will be making this problem known on social media to try and see some action from Bandcamp.

Unfortunately the only solution we have at the moment is for our customers to resubscribe which obviously is not a long term plan and relies on the loyalty of our customers. Thank you to those who have been in touch and those of you who have been able to resubscribe. Your support is so valued.

We realise times are tough and we may lose some of you along the way but 'The Hudson Club' is our way of looking to the future in an ever digital world and enables us to keep releasing records, creating new music and paying our artists what we feel they deserve. Without the club our regular income as a small record label is very limited and we hope that you all know you are making a huge difference to us and our artists. Thank you.

We are in the process of making tech changes which will allow direct support of the club whilst still enabling the download benefits of Bandcamp. We will have this in place by the end of the year.

If you are a past subscriber, thank you for joining us. We will be renewing our mailing list and club portal access by the end of the month. If you wish to resubscribe please do jump back on board as soon as you can to ensure you don’t loose access.

We have some great releases from Sam Sweeney & Hushman coming up this autumn and some exciting announcements later this week. We hope you are enjoying all the new music. Please don’t forget to use your club discount on all your Hudson shop purchases and thanks for sticking with us.

Andy x

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