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Laura Jane Wilkie



CD/LP/LPX/DL 05.07.24

Hailing from Tain in the Highlands, Laura Jane Wilkie has a unique style which has roots in the Highland fiddle traditions but is influenced by an eclectic range of music from all genres.

Vent is centered around ancient women’s work songs - waulking songs. Laura studied these to adapt them for the fiddle, immersing herself in the Scottish archives as well as having them passed on from friend, tradition bearer and one-woman-ceilidh: Rona Lightfoot. The album explores the melodies of these ancient waulking songs and how they have individually and communally provided a sense of safety, shared knowledge, power, love, humour and freedom to not only rural working women’s communities but to Laura as a non Gaelic speaker.

“Hearing and learning these songs began in my early teens with the wonderful Maggie MacDonald - she encouraged everyone to engage and take joy, meaning and a sense of ‘belonging’ from the Gaelic traditions. Particularly as I got older and started becoming involved with teaching traditional music. She was wonderfully generous and kind. I had so much fun working with her. As did so many throughout her life.”

Having searched the archives of Tobar An Dualchais Laura was drawn to a collection of waulking songs by Kate MacDonald (the mother of Rona Lightfoot). Being inspired by these melodies Laura has created an album of poignant arrangements that present this music in a way that no one has ever heard before, as instrumentals.

“Delving deeper into the source recordings and learning the stories from the brilliant wit and knowledge of Rona Lightfoot empowered me to take ownership of this music, be inspired by it and want to share its power further.”

Vent features an array of amazing talent including: Ian Carr on guitars/harmonium; Sarah Hayes on keys/flute/vocals; Joe Rattray on bass; Rachel Sermanni on vocals; Hannah Read on electric guitar; and Alice Allen on cello as well a improvised vocal samples by Pippa Blundell, Hannah Findlay, Gillian Fleetwood, Rona Lightfoot and Imogen Macleod.

Laura has toured across the internationally with various projects including; Kinnaris Quintet, Ian Carr, Ross Ainslie, Niteworks, Claire Hastings, Beth Malcolm and Siobhan Miller. As a founding member of Fat-Suit, Laura has been inspired to play with elements of improvisation in different styles, making her a versatile influence on each project. Collaborations include with; Shooglenifty, Man of the Minch, Rachel Sermanni, Elephant Sessions, Paul Towndrow’s Keywork Orchestra, Fatherson, The GRIT Orchestra and many more.

is released on Hudson Records on 05.07.24 on CD/LP/LPX/DL.


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