It’s release day for the brilliant Laura Jane Wilkie with her debut solo record ‘Vent’. Congratulations to Laura and all the fantastic musicians involved in making the album.

Vent is centered around ancient womens work songs - waulking songs. Laura studied these to adapt them for the fiddle, immersing herself in the Scottish archives as well as having them passed on from friend, tradition bearer and one-woman-ceilidh: Rona Lightfoot. The album explores the melodies of these ancient waulking songs and how they have individually and communally provided a sense of safety, shared knowledge, power, love, humour and freedom to not only rural working women’s communities but to Laura as a non Gaelic speaker.

Are you a SUPER fan of Laura? Our special SUPER fan bundles enable us to keep supporting artists like Laura and releasing records. Apart from the gift of this wonderful album, bundles come with heaps of gratitude and limited handwritten tunes by Laura.

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A sound journey through Scotland

In summer 2023 Jenny Sturgeon set off on a 864km walk through Scotland, from Kirk Yetholm near the border with England, to Cape Wrath Lighthouse, at the far north west of Scotland’s mainland. Running the length of Scotland mainland, The Scottish National Trail combines sections of many of Scotland’s official walking routes including Southern Upland Way, West Highland Way, Rob Roy Way and Cape Wrath Trail.

Recording a sound diary everyday en route, Jenny captured snippets of her journey through Scotland. Not expecting to capture such interesting and varied sounds on the walk, Jenny’s intention was never to share these recordings, but simply to capture a daily sound on the journey, as an audio diary for the future. However, on closer listening upon returning home, Jenny reasoned that these recordings mark an interesting and diverse collection of the sounds of Scotland at a snapshot of time.

Each track is named for the what3words location where it was recorded. What3words have divided the world into 3 metre squares, which are identified by a unique combination of three words, making it easy to share and find exact locations.

We’ll be releasing a track a day throughout August to accompany you on your travels and walks throughout the summer.

Keep an ear out for more news soon!

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The new record from M G Boulter has been receiving excellent reviews. If you are a fan of M G’s incredible lyric writing then I would highly recommend the SUPER fan bundles which include beautiful lyric books, a lovely product to dip in and out of whilst enjoying a coffee. We also have limited edition hand printed T-shirts available so grab one quick whilst stocks last!

"This is an important album. It shows that there are real songwriters still out there, and real musicians creating images in sung words.”Music News

"the end result is an outstanding album of pure wonder, sublime music, beautiful acoustic guitar playing and vocals to bring warmth to even the coldest of hearts.” Fatea

"a writer’s writer.” KLOF Magazine

”delicate and ethereal music of an Essex troubadour” **** Morning Star

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Sealladh has been getting some lovely plays and reviews, if you haven't heard the album yet it's a record inspired by the vast collection of artworks by Scottish painters held in the new space at the National Galleries of Scotland. The deluxe CD Book and LP contain all the paintings the album is written about.

"a lovely thing in every way” Mark Radcliffe, BBC Radio 2

Grab yourself a limited edition Sea Blue LP or CD Book now.

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Sometimes you don’t know how much you need something until it’s gone. The sudden absence makes it clear. That’s how it was for me in 2020, when lockdown shut down my working world of music. Beyond the financial precarity, what I missed most was the sense of community and purpose that music has gifted me in my life, the way it can fast track a deep emotional connection to other people by opening up conversations, sharing stories, and offering solace.

So, I went searching for what I’d lost that first COVID summer, gifting a bespoke back garden gig to Al Beck - an across-the-fields neighbour navigating late-stage cancer at home with his family. My invitation to Al to learn up a bespoke set of his favourite songs sparked one of the most treasured correspondences of my life and a uniquely memorable homespun ‘festival’ experience.

With the generous support of Al’s family, I’m delighted to share our story this week on BBC Radio 3 (and ultimately BBC Sounds), across five short programmes that air at 9.45pm, Monday 1st to Friday 5th July. You’ll meet Al through his own tender and witty email trail, and via nine of his most beloved songs - taking in psychedelic folk and a Scots lullaby, wistful classic songwriting and sharp political commentary. You’ll get a sense too of how my gift of a tiny back garden concert for Al became a gorgeous shared creative endeavour, and a huge gift to me in return.

This is a story about the amazing capacity of songs to map our lives. It’s a meditation on music and memory - isolation and connection - and the importance of rituals that celebrate life before it’s gone.

I hope you enjoy it.


Forever Songs 3


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This month’s Hudson Club exclusive comes from Jenny Sturgeon and takes us on a collaborative journey as Jenny teams up with an array of wonderful musicians including M G Boulter, Jen Hadfield and Kathleen Jamie to create a digital EP for your delight.

Join the Hudson Club today to enjoy Jenny's exclusive ‘A Journey Of Flight’ and much more! Our online subscription club cost only £10 a month and opens up the world of Hudson for all you digital music lovers. With subscriptions available via Bandcamp and directly, why not give it a go! We’d love to welcome you to our club!


Hopefully catch some of you at a festival or two over the summer, but in the meantime, enjoy the new tunes!

Andy x

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